Ben runs 10k!

On Sunday, Ben successfully ran 10k at Temple Newsam Park, raising money for Cancer Research.

This is equal to 6 (and a bit) of our daily miles ALL in one go!

Pictured above: Ben, who also received a medal on completion of his run!

Well done Ben from all of 6SK!

May the 4th be WITH YOU…

Home Learning:


Multiplying Two Fractions

Video Tutorial:

Dividing a Fraction by a Whole Number

Video Tutorial:

Writing Task:

Using the ‘Google’ techniques we spoke about, describe this picture in the comments section below…

Friday 20th April, 2018

Maths Revision:

Maths Challenge of the Week:

Top Tips:

  • Remember what the angles on a point along a straight line must add to.
  • Start by filling in the angles that you know first!
  • Remember how many degrees are in a circle or full turn.

Sentence Challenge:

SPaG Revision:

Check out this website for some great examples and videos – the subject, object and verb video we watched this afternoon was from this company…

See you Monday,