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Refugee Week – We Cannot Walk Alone

We have been celebrating refugee week this week across school. In year 6 we have been exploring media portrayal of refugees and asylum seekers as well as using Eoin Colfer’s graphic novel ‘Illegal’ in order to support us to walk in the shoes of a refugee on their journey to safety.

Eoin Colfer’s fantastic graphic novel

What could the people in these images have been saying?

On Friday afternoon we were visited by a speaker from Amnesty International who spoke to us about human rights and the creation of the human rights work as well as how this applies to refugees.

Moth Day 2021

As part of our evolution and inheritance work in Science we have spent today celebrating “Moth Day”. The stimulus for this was the text ‘Moth’ by Isabel Thomas and with lovely illustrations by Daniel Egneus.

our text of the day.

We used the story to help us track the stages of adaptation of the peppered moth (Biston betularia).

This afternoon we then looked at a research paper from the University of Manchester which measured moth populations in Leeds. We used their academic data to plot the moth populations. We then drew conclusions from this data and compared with the findings from the paper abstract.

Gledhow Primary 1 – 2 ACE

A rain-soaked victory

Within the opening minutes, a whipped in free kick saw Kenzie bag the opening goal and set the team up for the rest of the match. Throughout the first half, the team played some incredible football even in the most difficult of conditions.

Despite Gledhow equalising in the closing moments of the half, Allerton continued to stay positive and play attacking football. The second half saw this high energy attack pay dividends with Michael managing to squeeze the ball passed the Gledhow goalkeeper.   

A special mention must go to Lana whose tenacious defending helped break up the Gledhow attacks and kept their front three at bay. 

Despite the rain lashing down, our ACE footballers showed great resilience and teamwork to gain a well-deserved victory. Proving that they could do it on a cold, rainy night at Gledhow!

Supporting your child at home

Writing & Spelling:

Pobble 365: https://www.pobble365.com/

Spelling Frame: https://spellingframe.co.uk/




Epic Reading: https://www.getepic.com/?utm_channel=search&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1tnfp4Wy8AIV4mDmCh37Vwc4EAAYASAAEgIXz_D_BwE

Oak National Academy

Lessons created by qualified teachers: https://classroom.thenational.academy/

Baseball Boot and Trainer Art

We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Mrs Johnston in the Art Studio again this half term, where many of you have had lots of success in creating your very own baseball boot and trainer art.

What parts went well?

What was challenging?

What skills did you improve at?

Heart Dissection Experiment

On Tuesday, we put our learning to the test when we completed a heart dissection experiment. We were able to label all of the different parts of a heart and begin to explain the journey that our blood takes. We really did act like scientists, working carefully to follow all of our health and safety precautions and worked well as a team.

Titeuf avec l’Institut Francais

This afternoon Year 6 attended a Cine Lumiere screening of 4 episodes of the famous Swiss comic series Titeuf followed by a bi-lingual workshop learning how to create comics in the style of Titeuf.

We found the episodes really funny and loved having a go at creating our own characters in this style!