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Mayan Art

Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about the Ancient Mayan civilisation. We created a timeline to understand the time period and we also learnt about their belief system and gods.

We learnt that they used art as a way to highlight their religious practice and celebrate their way of life. We looked at some contemporary artists that were inspired by the Mayans artwork and imitated their style.


This half term, we have been looking at Sikhism in our R.E. lessons. We looked at sewa which means ‘selfless service’. It involves acting selflessly and helping others in a variety of ways, without any reward or personal gain. It is a way of life for many Sikhs and is part of their daily routine. In order to demonstrate this we litter picked throughout school and helped tidy up the classroom.

We also learnt Sikhs perform sewa in a variety of ways, such as helping the local community. Many Sikhs perform much of their sewa by helping others, including cleaning, washing dishes or serving in the langar which is a large meal. Thanks to Mrs Reehal we were able to eat some delicious traditional food.

How Stean Gorge Residential: Final Parent Meeting

What to pack? 

Please refer to the kit list as sent through by How Stean Gorge. 

What luggage is acceptable?

One large bag is acceptable and a backpack if needed.

What food can I send my child with?

Children will be given plenty of food whilst at How Stean Gorge. Food and drink should not be sent with children.

Can my child call me whilst on the residential? 

A phone call will only go home if in the case of an emergency. 

Will children be able to take mobile phones? 

Mobile phones or any electronic device should not be taken. This will be checked and confiscated if found.

How about Medication?please ensure your child has enough medication for the duration of the trip. You must have completed the administration of medication form so that staff are aware of dosage and timings.

What if there is an accident in the tents?

We will take a couple of spare sleeping bags in case of an accident – this is also another reason as to why children should not bring drinks.

How about washing?

Children will have the opportunity to wash – please make sure that the towel sent is sufficient for this.

Do I have to buy walking shoes? 

Walking shoes are not essential but strongly advised. We have spoken to How Stean Gorge who advised that  walking shoes are preferred but a pair of trainers with good grip will be okay, however children may get wet feet.

What are the sleeping arrangements? 

Boys and girls will be seperated. Children will be in a tent with at least one of their friends as chosen by them.

How many of each clothing item should I pack?

Please follow the kit list and pack a couple of extra items of clothing, for example extra underwear and t -shirts.

Does my child have to complete all of the activities? 

Children will not be forced to complete activities but having a go is strongly encouraged.

Year 6 samba

This half term, we have really enjoyed our samba topic. We have learnt the different types of instruments that make up a samba band as well as were the music originates from. We have played a variety of beats and have become competent at playing as an ensemble.

End of SATs Week

Today marks the end of the KS2 SATs week. Myself and Mr Kay, would like to thank all the children who worked so hard throughout the process and who came in each day full of enthusiasm. We would also like to thank all the parents who have supported the children to allow them to achieve their full potential. We now look forward to the rest of the summer term where we will be tackling our new topics.

Heart Dissection

Today in Science Year 6 examined and dissected sheep hearts.  As part of our Science curriculum we have been studying  human circulation,  and functions of parts of the heart,  and this practical activity really helped our understanding of all that had been learnt.  The children were fascinated and very enthusiastic to be involved.

I really enjoyed the lesson and my favourite part was cutting the heart and seeing the interior.     Haroon

I learned what the heart actually looks like and the way it works on the inside.    Josue

I liked to be able to see the heart as it was very interesting.  The valves were very long.  The experience was fun. Maisie.  

Skipping Classes

On Monday, both Year 6 classes were given a taster session in skipping. We learnt about the mechanics of skipping and the way we can improve our skipping. We then looked at doing different types of skipping from hopping on one leg to criss-cross.